Food is a wonderful tool to bring people together to share and celebrate. Chef Sam Hanison and artist Carrie Phoenix's love for food, and all you can do with it, is where Folk + Fare began it's life.

Both Sam and Carrie's passion for the east of England and all it has to offer for the table is huge. Alongside cooking and developing dishes, projects and artworks, they manage their own 3.5acre plot of land, growing beautiful produce, nurturing bees and developing ideas to bring to the table. 

The love for the east doesn't just rest with food and produce alone, with the multitude of creative people that reside near by, the Suffolk coast is an obvious nesting ground for Sam, Carrie and their son Gabriel.

More on Sam

Food and drink runs through Sam's veins, coming from a huge family of food lovers, restaurateurs, publicans, growers and wine merchants; Sam more than most truly understands the value of using feasting to bring people together.

Having been a chef for over two decades, predominately working across East Anglia, London and Sydney, Australia; Sam has developed a wealth of experience running kitchens, devising menus and creating dishes for the most eclectic of tastes. His work has given him a varied pallet to draw on for Folk + Fare, from being personal chef to high profile celebrities, running his own restaurant and deli to developing products for big brands; his skill and knowledge is wide reaching and well honed.

More on Carrie

Collaboration has been central to Carrie's practice for sometime, with sculptural installation at her root, she has worked in and around the arts her entire adult life. Her work has taken her to the US, France, Russia, Germany and across the UK where she has been doing anything from welding structures, managing huge public artwork projects, styling events to devising food led creative projects for inclusive arts charities.


Carrie worked with many artists and organisations before taking time to study, graduating from the University of Brighton in 2012 with a degree in Fine Art Sculpture.

Her interest in bringing people together through the facilitation of artworks, projects and workshops has been fueled in meeting Sam and the formation of Folk + Fare.

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